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A stylish approach to design

Curly boasts of an innovative design that makes it both user-friendly and highly functional. The heat-insulating material offers quick heating which means you get curly and lustrous hair in just 30 seconds. Made to deliver, the overall design and construction aresmart and secure, protecting you from scalding.

Curls that last all day long

Curly is a next-gen DIY curler that understands your style needs. The curls and waves you make will stay for all day long thanks to the better heating and innovative design. With different temperatures and timers options, you can custom set the curler to make long-lasting curls and waves as per your hair texture.

4 Different Temperature Settings

Temperature, time, and direction are all adjustable. C hoose between 150 and 200 degrees Celsius (300 and 390 degrees Fahrenheit). The styling time can be changed from 8 to 18 seconds, and the curling direction can be changed to suit the needs of various hair types and easily shape perfect curls.

Getting long-lasting curls is now possible!

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Customer Reviews

I am in love with this machine. With hair like mine, it was too tough to get hold of curls that stay. Curly changed everything. My friend suggested I try the curler and I am
impressed by how amazing it was. Have ordered mine and waiting for delivery.


Wow! It gives salon-like curls. If only I wouldhave it before, I would have saved so much money spent on
expensive salons.


Thanks Curly, you are a lifesaver. It made curling hair so quick and easy and now I can get ready for any occasion in a few minutes. The best part is that the curls stay longer
without using any chemical spray.


What a lovely tool to buy. Using curly is extremely easy and it heats up so fast. I recommend it to
those girls who complain about hair uncurling very quickly. This tool makes curls that last for a couple of days. Yes, you got to believe me.


I was always hesitantabout curls as I have wavy and frizzy hair which does not welcome any hairstyle easily. Buying a curler was the last thing I would do because it felt like a sheer waste of money. It was then I found Curly in my sister’s drawer and she insisted I try. I was ompletely blown away by the curls I got. They were so perfect and for hair like mine, they stuck with me for an entire day (or maybe longer
if only I hadn’t stepped into the pool). It is a great tool for girls with hair like mine. Recommended!